Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin on TV Anime

The popular action RPG ‘Tensho no Sakuna Hime’ has achieved global sales of one million copies, and the exciting news of its television anime adaptation has finally been announced. The anime is scheduled to air on the TV Tokyo network in 2024.

The production of this anime will be handled by P.A.WORKS, known for their work on previous titles such as ‘SHIROBAKO,’ ‘Hanasaku Iroha,’ and ‘Skip and Loafer.’ As for the voice cast, the main character, the bountiful goddess Sakuna Hime, will be voiced by Naomi Oozora, while Rika Ikawa will continue in her role as Kokorowahime, Sakuna Hime’s close friend and a high-ranking deity residing in the capital, as part of the original game’s cast reprising their roles.

(C)Edelweiss / Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Production Committee