Ichiban Kuji From JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure STARDUST CRUSADERS On Sale

The “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STARDUST CRUSADERS” themed Ichiban Kuji has arrived! Featuring lead character “Jotaro Kujo” and other character figures, along with the dramatic “Soul Poker Chips” that appear in memorable scenes, an array of luxurious prizes awaits.

From March 16, 2024, BANDAI SPIRITS will be rolling out the “Ichiban Kuji JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STARDUST CRUSADERS” series. This fail-safe lottery includes figures of “Jotaro Kujo,” “Noriaki Kakyoin,” “Joseph Joestar,” “Mohammed Avdol,” “Jean Pierre Polnareff,” and “Iggy” as prizes from A to F, with further enticing prizes such as “Original Trump Cards,” the game “F-MEGA,” and “Soul Poker Chips,” all reminiscent of the series’ iconic scenes. Additionally, there are notebooks and rubber collections capturing dramatic moments, as well as visual sheets inspired by tarot.

Available at Lawson, bookstores, hobby shops, selected game centers, and the official Ichiban Kuji shop, each draw is priced at 850 yen (tax included). The Last One prize, awarded for drawing the final piece, features the “DIO MASTERLISE.” Moreover, a Double Chance campaign offers a shot at winning an item identical to the A prize.

For more details, check out the Ichiban Kuji product page.

Ichiban Kuji: JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure STARDUST CRUSADERS

© Hirohiko Araki & LUCKY LAND COMMUNICATIONS / Shueisha, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure SC Production Committee