Pokémon Concierge Items on Pokémon Center Coming Soon

On January 20, 2024, a lineup of merchandise themed around the stop-motion anime “Pokemon Concierge,” exclusively streaming on Netflix, will make its debut at the Pokemon Center!

From Aloha shirts and bandanas inspired by the protagonist Haru’s attire to various items that capture the essence of the series, such as LED lights shaped like Bellsprout and watering cans reminiscent of Horsea, there’s a wide array of products for fans to enjoy.
Additionally, you’ll find travel essentials featuring patterns inspired by furniture and textiles from the show, perfect for carrying a piece of the Pokemon Concierge charm wherever you go. The lineup also includes miscellaneous items ideal for unwinding at home.

Be sure to check out the merchandise that encapsulates the charm of Pokemon Concierge.

Pokémon Concierge

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