Nintendo Announced Free Repairs for Switch by the Earthquake in Ishikawa

Nintendo has announced that it will provide free repairs for Nintendo products, such as game consoles, damaged by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake expected in 2024. This service is available to individual users in areas where the Disaster Relief Act is applied. Regardless of the presence of a warranty, repairs will be provided free of charge.

To apply for repairs, users can use the online repair reception. They need to fill out a memo paper titled “2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake” with the “Repair Application Number” or enclose a repair request form (self-printed) with the same information. Afterward, they can send it to the Nintendo Service Center with cash-on-delivery to have the repairs done.

For those not using the online repair reception, they can enclose a memo paper with information such as “2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake,” their name, return address, phone number, product name to be sent, and symptoms. Sending it by cash-on-delivery is also an option.

The reception period is within six months from the application of the Disaster Relief Act (until July 1st). Nintendo will handle repairs for items that arrive at the service center during this period.

Information of Repair Response Earthquake in Ishikawa(Nintendo)

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