Kirby meets Fashion Center Shimamura Presents the New Cute Collections

Starting mid-November, a variety of merchandise featuring the design of ‘Kirby,’ the popular character, will be available for purchase both in-store and online at Fashion Center Shimamura in Japan.

The collection includes practical items such as a compact ‘Shopping Bag,’ a ‘Vanity Pouch’ for storing cosmetics and small accessories, a ‘Multi-case’ with multiple pockets, a ‘Coin Case’ for carrying cards and change, a ‘Smart Key Case’ with a convenient hook, and a ‘Tote Bag’ equipped with a shoulder belt. All these products come in two delightful designs: the character’s standard design and a cute variant.

You can now find these items at ‘Fashion Center Shimamura’ in-store and through their online store. Don’t miss the chance to add a touch of Kirby charm to your accessories collection this November!

Fashion Center Shimamura(Kirby Products Page)

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