URAHARA: Teaser for 3DCG Anime by “Hyper Hardboiled Gourmet Report” Creator

Film director Ryosuke Kamide, known for his daring program productions including “Hyper Hardboiled Gourmet Report,” has become the center of attention for his role as the original creator, screenwriter, and director of the fully original 3DCG anime “URAHARA.” The teaser video and visuals for this anime have been released.


Overseeing direction, visuals, and design is Kanta Mochida, a versatile visual artist and freelance generalist in the field. With past works like “NHK LIFE,” “Nyan-chu Space Broadcast,” and “Shina Pushu,” Mochida brings a wide range of skills to the table.

Sound design is in the capable hands of Hiroshi Kasamatsu, known for his involvement in hit productions such as “The Wind Rises,” “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea,” and “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK.”

In addition to the teaser video, comments from Ryosuke Kamide and Kanta Mochida have been released, sparking even more interest. “URAHARA” undoubtedly holds promise as a creation brimming with their talents and creativity, making it an exciting prospect for anime enthusiasts.

Comment from Ryosuke Kamide:
“Regarding the changing city, the unfolding earth, the vanishing bacteria, and the enduring humans. The numerous consciences held by individuals who stride toward a dystopian future. Just from the teaser, we’ve exhausted our budget.”

Comment from Kanta Mochida:
“The more we age, the clearer it becomes that the ideal world is a pristine and beautiful one. Our world is built upon the complexity of intertwining noises, with darkness, cloudiness, and contamination. However, amid those noises, moments glisten like a flash, and they are worth pursuing. Similar to the protagonist of URAHARA, I sought to anchor myself onscreen while seeking something that shines within me.”