Monster Hunter World Sells 25 Million Copies

Capcom has announced that its game “Monster Hunter World” has sold 25 million copies worldwide, achieving the highest sales figures ever for the company as a single title. The “Monster Hunter” series, an action RPG game celebrating its 20th anniversary in March 2024, challenges players to face gigantic monsters in vast natural environments. Since its debut in 2004, the series has reached a cumulative sales figure of 97 million copies.

“Monster Hunter World,” released in 2018, surpassed Capcom’s all-time highest sales figures in just one month. With over six years since its release, Capcom has now achieved its highest ever sales milestone of 25 million copies. Furthermore, the latest installment, “Monster Hunter Wilds,” is set to be released in 2025.

Capcom’s PR stated, “We will continue to demonstrate outstanding game development capabilities, create original and innovative game titles, and meet the expectations of our users in the future.”

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