Kirby and Friends 4 Figures Pre-orders on Premium Bandai

Bandai has commenced pre-orders for the snack-sized figure set, “Kirby and Friends 4 (12 pieces),” on the Premium Bandai website starting from 1:00 PM on December 20. The price for this collection is set at 4,620 yen.

“Kirby and Friends 4 (12 pieces)” represents the fourth installment in the Kirby Friends series, featuring figures of characters from the Kirby series.

In this series, you can expect adorable Kirby figures showcasing various expressions, including Kirby and Waddle Dee, as well as characters with Copy Abilities like Mirror and U.F.O. Additionally, a rare color variant of “Kirby (Rainbow)” makes its debut.

Kirby and Friends 4

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