Dandadan Unveils First Key Visual and PV Ahead of October Broadcast

Dandadan Anime

Scheduled to premiere in October on the “Super Animeism TURBO” slot across MBS and TBS networks, the TV anime “Dandadan” has revealed its new key visual and promotional video. Accompanying this reveal, details about the anime’s main staff were also disclosed. Kazega Yamasiro takes the helm as director, with Naoyuki Onda designing the characters, and Yoshiyuki Kameda creating the designs for aliens and specters. The series composition and script are crafted by Hiroshi Seko, with Kensuke Ushio composing the music. Animation production is handled by Science SARU.

The released promotional video showcases the main characters, Momo and Okarun, on their quest to prove the existence of ghosts and aliens. They visit locations known for UFO sightings and paranormal activities, where Momo encounters a Celpo alien, and Okarun meets Turbo Baba, a resident of another realm. Particularly striking is the scene where Okarun, claiming he cannot control himself, begins to transform into an unknown entity.

© Yukinobu Ryu/Shueisha, Dundadan Production Committee