Top 10 Best Selling Manga in Japan August 2023

It’s time to show you the Top 10 Best Selling Manga in Japan August (this ranking is based on sales from and other online bookstores in Japan).


No.10 The Fable: The Second Contact  Vol.8

As Akira, who had retired as an assassin, enjoys a happy married life with Misaki, a sudden conflict erupts between the Makkuro Group and the Kohakubai Group. In the midst of the crisis when Yukari is injured, Yōko rushes to her rescue just in time, but she finds herself facing the growing members of the Rumor group all alone…! With Akira, Azami, and the assassins of the Rumor group gathered, the ultimate battle between TEAM Fable and the Rumor squad finally begins at the Dark Night Grand Park ――!!


No.9 Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store Vol.1

While working part-time at a convenience store late at night and searching for a job, Matsukoma-kun encounters a new colleague. “A highly anticipated newcomer who calmly responded ‘God is dead’ to a customer who angrily exclaimed, ‘The customer is god, isn’t he?’ has arrived for the night shift. He belongs to the ‘Satori Generation,’ not the ‘Yutori Generation,’ and his future performance holds promise.” The collaboration between “Professor Nietzsche” and Matsukoma-kun in their convenience store job, which became an instant hit on Twitter, is about to begin!


No.8 ONE PIECE  Vol.106

The Straw Hat Pirates land on Future Island. There, they discover the laboratory of Dr. Vegapunk, and Luffy’s adventurous spirit is ignited by the numerous unknown technologies present! However, in order to eliminate Vegapunk, CP0 launches an attack! A maritime adventure romance unfolds as they set out on a journey for the “One Piece,” the greatest treasure of them all!


No.7 Made in Abyss  Vol.12

Heading even deeper into the sixth layer toward the abyss’s bottom, the group of four – Riko, Reg, Nanachi, and Faputa – continues their journey. Amidst this, Riko and the others encounter mysterious cave raiders and are invited to their hideout. There, they are met by the captain of the cave raiding squad “Curse Ship’s Fleet,” the enigmatic Srajo.
Srajo suspects that Riko and her companions might be part of the “Maidens” faction, and in order to determine their worthiness, he imposes a “test” to see if they are truly worthy believers…?


No.6 Chainsaw Man  Vol.15

As the devil of hunger’s words come true before Asa’s eyes, the “Devil of Descent,” bearing a name that embodies primal fear, appears! Unleashing its cruel power that exposes the scars of past wounds hidden within human hearts, has Asa lost faith in Yoru due to this devastating force? Helpless and without recourse, people continue to “fall,” and what lies ahead is a gourmet full course of hellish devouring!!


No.5 Made in Abyss  Vol.1

In a world thoroughly explored to its limits, the last unexplored territory remains—the enormous chasm known as the “Abyss.” This vertical hole of unknown depth continues on endlessly, inhabited by strange and peculiar creatures, and holds invaluable relics beyond human creation. The enigmatic appearance of the Abyss, brimming with mysteries, captivates people’s imagination, driving them toward adventure. Thus, those who repeatedly challenge the Abyss become known as “Cave Raiders.” Living in the city of Orth, built within the greenery of the Abyss, orphaned Riko dreams of becoming a great Cave Raider like her legendary mother and uncovering the mysteries of the Abyss. One day, while exploring the Abyss, Riko discovers a robotic boy…? A grand adventure intertwining fantasy and machinery begins in the first volume!


No.4 Monthly Girl Nozaki-kun  Vol.15

What is the true nature of the feelings budding in the male shojo manga artist? “Umetaro Nozaki” participates in a manga artist discussion with “Chiyo Sakura” and attends the voice choir club’s presentation. Amidst the seemingly unchanged daily routine, a peculiar feeling begins to stir within Nozaki towards Chiyo… A major incident occurs between “Masayuki Hori” and “Yuzuki Kashima”!! Is “Mikoshiba Mikoto’s” hardcore crush being reciprocated by the same fan group? Love and comedy explode in the 15th volume of the male shojo manga artist comedy series!!


No.3 Another World Sugar Daddy Uncle  Vol.1

The next ambition of Takumi, an S-rank adventurer capable of slaying dragons, is to “have fun with young girls.” Distributing his immense wealth and successfully getting along with cute girls, his plans progress smoothly. However, this is another world. Monsters appear during his date, he gets lost in dungeons… becoming a “Sugar Daddy Uncle” is a life-threatening endeavor! A comedic and risqué adventure filled with laughter by a reincarnated cheater kicks off!


No.2 I’ll Become a Historic Villainess: The Prince’s Devotion to the Accelerating Villainess  Vol.4

“I also want to protect you.”
Alicia unintentionally hurts Duke with those words she speaks in the heat of the moment. Although she realizes she made a mistake, she can’t find confidence in her own feelings. Still, she declares her resolve to stay true to her ideal as a “villainess” who doesn’t waver. Amidst the gradually changing relationship between them, what does Saintess Liz feel…? Meanwhile, what is the truth that Old Man Will reveals about the reform of Roana Village…? The slightly off-kilter tale of a noblewoman’s otherworldly villainess reincarnation, the long-awaited Volume 4 is here!


No.1 Drifters  Vol.7

Amidst the Battle of Sekigahara, Toyohisa Shimazu, who got lost in another world, joined forces with Oda Nobunaga and Nasu no Yoichi as fellow castaways. Together with Elves and Dwarves, they embarked on a journey of nation-building. However, as the Black King’s forces relentlessly march towards the annihilation of humanity, Toyohisa finds himself cornered. He sends Nobunaga to a retreated castle and, alongside the Dwarven army, takes up the rearguard position. Outnumbered and on the brink of death, Toyohisa faces off against Toshizo Hijikata. Just as the two clash, another rampaging man, Sugo no Naoshi, makes his appearance!? The heroic battle of historical heroes unfolds in the tumultuous 7th volume of action-packed adventure!