Nijisanji Koshien Viewing Stream 2023 [A League]” on ABEMA


At ABEMA(Internet TV program in Japan), the viewing program ‘Nijisanji Koshien Viewing Stream 2023’ for the popular Nijisanji event ‘Nijisanji Koshien 2023’ will be livestreamed from August 11th (Friday, holiday) to August 13th (Sunday) over the course of three days.

Nijisanji Koshien Viewing Stream 2023 [A League]

‘Nijisanji Koshien 2023’ is a major gaming event by the VTuber group ‘Nijisanji,’ and it marks the fourth consecutive year of this summer’s big event. In this event, using the well-known baseball game ‘eBASEBALL Powerful Pro Baseball 2022’ in its ‘Glory Nine’ mode, manager livestreamers will nurture players and compete for victory in league matches.

Last year’s ‘Nijisanji Koshien 2022’ garnered attention even before the main event, with the finals surpassing 300,000 simultaneous viewers. This year, a record-breaking 10 individuals are set to participate, drawing significant attention to the intense showdown between the livestreamers.

This program will feature Koharu Onomachi as a guest, with all manager livestreamers making appearances when not engaged in matches. Amidst sharing untold stories of the manager livestreamers during the main event, the program aims to collectively watch the finals and elevate the excitement of the tournament.

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