Dandadan turns to TV Anime in 2024

In 2024, the manga “Dandadan” by Ryukosuke Yukinobu, currently serialized on Shonen Jump+, is set to be adapted into a television anime. The animation production is in the hands of Science SARU, known for their work on the anime film “Inu-Oh” and the TV anime “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” The teaser visual and a approximately 45-second promotional video (PV) were unveiled simultaneously. The cast information is scheduled to be announced at the Jump Festa stage event on December 16.

The story revolves around a high school girl who doesn’t believe in aliens and a boy who, despite not believing in ghosts, is an occult maniac. This duo engages in a non-stop occultic supernatural battle and romantic comedy. Starting its serialization on Shonen Jump+ in April 2021, “Dandadan” has gained popularity for incorporating diverse elements such as the occult, battles, action, romantic comedy, and youth themes. The cumulative circulation of the comic has surpassed 3.2 million copies. Additionally, the author is known for having worked as an assistant on “Chainsaw Man” by Tatsuki Fujimoto and “Jigokuraku” by Yuuji Kaku.

The unveiled teaser visual features a distinctive psychedelic color scheme, drawing attention with its captivating colors. In the center, characters Momo and Okarun are depicted taking steps forward. Behind them, aliens and ghosts target the duo, while above, a UFO is depicted sucking in a cow.

In the teaser PV, the harsh reality of both ghosts and aliens existing is presented, showing Momo and Okarun being pursued by something and fleeing with all their might. The video concludes with a mysterious yokai’s statement, “Let me suck your private parts,” adding to the anticipation for the unfolding story.

(C) Yukinobu Ryu/Shueisha, Dundadan Production Committee